Our History

Clampco Fertilizer Applicators was Founded by Mr. Robinson in 1961 on Railroad Street in Gilroy, CA.  Originally, its focus was Tool-Bar Clamp Manufacturing – Hence the name.  Eventually,  Mr. Robinson was challenged to work on a fertilizer applicator without spreading it everywhere and wasting it on non-crop vegetation.  With the help of Mr. Vasquez, they developed the concept of a dial turning in a box feeding just the right amount of fertilizer for the crop.  They patented this concept un the Select-a-Dial name, and then changed it to Clampco Fertilizer Applicator to capitalize on the brand they had already built.

After Mr. Robinson retired, he left the operation in charge of Mr. Vasquez, who perfected the design for the applicator and also patented the Kit Plate Assembly.

After Mr. Vasquez retired himself, he left the operation running with his son Ruben Vasquez, who maintains the business today and is expanding to include new crops and varieties and keeping up with all the industry changes.


What Clampco Applicator Users Say

We have been relying on Clampco Applicators for 20 years and they never fail. The ability to easily feed our crops the right amount where they need it is key to our success!
Jeff Franklin
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